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To know how to get paid by your clients

Manage efficiently overdue receivable, a priority for any business!

Only the combination of a cash collection tool and dedicated skills can achieve a good level of performance, and thus improve the cash flow of your company.

Late payments are a major handicap for many companies. They have several causes: dispute, administrative problem, insolvency of the buyer, ...etc. A specific tool and specific skills are essential to manage them and to get paid.

The purpose of My DSO Manager and Credit Management tools is to provide to any business regardless of its size the most relevant, simple tool to set up and use, as well as adequate job skills.

My DSO Manager is now more than three years old and has 4 000 active users in more than 60 countries!

New design
The solution evolves constantly whether from a functional, ergonomic or visual point of view, taking into account users' feedbacks.

Find today the new design of My DSO Manager that highlights the key principles of the software, several references and key figures.

In line with web design, here are also the latest developments released in the software:

  • Customization of the Aging balance: It's now possible to set up to seven columns in your Aging balance (against five previously). The brackets can be set according to your preferences up to 365 days late.
    Up to seven columns in your Aging balance

  • It is also possible to set if an item is late on the day of the due date, or on the following day

  • New clients and items search criteria are available:

    • « Promisse of payment date »
    • « Contact for the collection (yes / no) »
    • « Associated with the client (note / not empty) »

  • Improvement of the credit limit validation requests history with the validator view and request status filter

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