Risk categories description

Strong account: company with a balanced financial structure and a flexible cash. It respects its commitments and has a high development potential. Establish a credit limit consistent with the size of this structure and expand your business with confidence by monitoring collection.

Stable account: company with a balanced financial structure without benefit of substantial reserves. The compliance is generally good. Expand your business through credit limits clearly defined while remaining attentive in case of decreased activity or event that could quickly weaken your customer.

Weak account: company with an unbalanced financial structure who has difficulties and / or is poorly managed. The payment of suppliers is often delayed because the cash is tight. Strictly follow the credit limit and secure your bills with guarantees and other appropriate means. This company may be placed in insolvency proceedings (bankruptcy) which risk to cause payment defaults to its suppliers.

Defaulted account or default imminent: company whose financial situation is very deteriorated which cannot meet its commitments. The risk of default is very high. Require payment guarantees if you grant a credit or request a payment in advance (before the delivery).