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Credit Management tools helps businesses to improve cash and to avoid unpaid invoices.

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List of tools available to download

Packages of tools
Assess your customers
The credit analysis
Get information about your clients
Analyze the Profit and Loss account
Credit Notation
Secure your receivables
Set up the credit limit
Set up the payment term
Down payment and payment in advance
Parent company guarantee
Bank guarantees
Contractuals clauses
Collect your invoices
Invoicing rules
The aging balance
Collection prior due date
Collection level 1
Collection level 2
Collection level 3
Negociate a payment plan
Late payment penalties
Bad debts collection
The order for payment
Credit Management
DSO calculation
Overdue ratio calculation
Bad debts ratio calculation
Strategy in Credit Management
Credit Management policy
The working capital
Normative working capital
Drive the working capital
Improve the working capital
Discount and prepayment
Manage risk in export business
The documentary credit
The letter of credit standby
Projects management
My DSO Manager
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