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Can credit management functions be replaced by robots?

The digital revolution underway is upsetting the practices of the professionals in the management of the accounts receivable (cash collectors, credit analysts, credit managers, etc.). Will it go so far as to replace people with robots?

AI versus credit managementThis question, raised by Andriy Sichka in her article « Will Computers Replace Credit Managers? » Or in a french article « Révolution digitale : ces professions qui vont disparaître (Digital revolution: these professions that will disappear) » could worry.

The digital revolution of our jobs, not dating from today as they have begun since the rise of the Internet, seems to be a central topic of this autumn.

As Andriy Sichka explains, the function of a Credit Manager is vast, complex, and necessary from the moment a commercial transaction is made.

In Credit Management, the way of accomplishing the work is constantly evolving, and the current softwares already provide with the possibility of automating tasks with low added value. It would not be impossible that strategic ones will be in the future made by robots.

However, predicting a delay would be very risky, especially if it should happen, then all functions of the company could also be questioned.

Currently a modern and scalable Credit Management solution like My DSO Manager exponentially increases the efficiency of teams by enabling them to perform more actions and in a much more qualitative and relevant way. The performance is greatly improved, as well as customer communication and satisfaction, whether external or internal.
This direction towards qualitative and intelligent solutions will undoubtedly continue and strengthen. We are already far from the first generation tools allowing a robotic and little personalized management.
So do we have to worry about the disappearance of credit manager fonctions?

If these software solutions were to be satisfactory, they will always depend on the use that it will be made.

Jim Collins says in his book "From Performance to Excellence" technologies are accelerators, not drivers.

Put in qualified hands, a basic tool can achieve results at least as good as more advanced versions not well used. The accessibility and ease with which users can take ownership of the software remains essential.

In addition, the specificities and human dimensions of these professions can not be replaced by robots. There are therefore strong reason to believe that the credit management functions still have a bright future ahead of them!
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