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Why do these companies trust My DSO Manager to manage their cash collection?
Because My DSO Manager has been able to provide them with a modern, efficient and qualitative solution. Features at the service of performance, an implementation in 2 or 3 weeks to make your Go Live a success. Give us up to an hour of your time for a demo and you will see why you could...
03-04-2021 • Category : News
What payment conditions to apply to your customers?
Fid out our tutorial about payment conditions. What are they? With what characteristics and above all what advantages / disadvantages in relation to the risk of late payment and non-payment, the cost and the ease of use. They are adaptable according to the client and the particularities of the...
03-01-2021 • Category : News
The New Normal: Credit Demand in 2021
Uncertainty reigns as we move through 2021. States nationwide and countries on every continent are struggling to flatten the growth curve of the pandemic. The human costs of the coronavirus continue to rise while we await widespread vaccination andhope for eventual herd immunity. However long...
02-25-2021 • Category : News
Learn everything you need about the DSO!
Find our tutorial about the Days Sales Outstanding, the main KPI of credit management used by thousands of companies around the world. The DSO is a popular indicator, of course, but also an indicator that is very often misunderstood and whose sometimes fluctuating results are poorly...
01-19-2021 • Category : News
Tutorial about the use of Tangible Net Worth to assess customer creditworthiness
Find our tutorial on the Tangible Net Worth and the place to give to this indicator in any your credit analysis. While it is not an absolute indicator because other elements must be taken into account, it is particularly interesting and helps to understand the large masses of the balance...
11-26-2020 • Category : News

Late payment penalties

Late payment penalties
How to use late payment penalties to educate customers to pay on time? What are the rules to apply them depending on the country?
My DSO Manager, the credit management software in Alpine style
The Alpine-style refers to mountain climbers who make climbs in high altitude in an autonomous and very fast way thanks to the high skills and quality of equipment. It is opposed to the classical expedition style where mountaineers set up fixed camps, connected by fixed ropes, fed with material...
11-17-2020 • Category : News
Tutorial to understand and analyze the balance sheet
Find our tutorial about balance sheet analyze. What are the great masses to be evaluated, what are the relations between them? What does the balance sheet tell us about business' health? It is to all of these questions that we will answer in this tutorial which aims to make you realize what...
11-06-2020 • Category : News
Evolution of reports in My DSO Manager
Find out now the changes made to My DSO Manager reports, which provide more flexibility and thus allow a more in-depth analysis. Clients groups ? it is now possible to simultaneously select several groups and to perform searches by entering the first characters of the groups sought. ...
11-04-2020 • Category : News

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Working capital requirement is the amount needed to finance the operation of the business and the difference between disbursements and receipts.
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