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My DSO Manager at the British Credit Awards
My DSO Manager enthusiastically participated and was one of the sponsors in the British Credit Awards event held on February 1st by The Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM), a cornerstone occasion in the Credit Management and Debt...
How to analyze the financial health of a company?
The evaluation of a company's financial health is critical for ensuring long-term success and growth. An analysis like this allows investors, executives, and potential partners to make informed decisions about their transactions with the company in question. Here are some key indicators...
Navigating the Tapestry of Credit Management: A Dialogical Odyssey
Investigating Unseen Dimensions Step into the realm of credit management, where seasoned specialist’s status is reachable: Mark Harrison , CEO of Callisto Grand and Bertrand Mazuir co-founder of My DSO Manager engage in an illuminating conversation, revealing layers of intricacy...
How to optimize your B2B payment terms?
Payment terms are an important factor in the success of a commercial relationship in the business world, particularly in B2B transactions. Many businesses find it difficult to implement effective payment rules that are tailored to their specific needs and aid in the prevention of non-payment....
CICM's Interview with Bertrand Mazuir 
Summiting Financial Success: Mastering Credit Management the Alpine Way!   In a recent interview of CICM with Bertrand Mazuir, former credit manager, the current CEO of P2B solutions and founder of My DSO Manager, A unique perspective on credit management has been drawn a striking parallel...

How to choose the best trade receivable software?

What are the advantages of trade receivable management softwares in credit risk and cash collection management? Presentation of main features of these tools dedicated to credit teams.
The use of a credit management and cash collection software is key to improve cash and efficiency in accounts receivable management. They are at the center of the digitization of credit management function within the company. These softwares are used to organize the daily job of collectors...
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