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Can credit management functions be replaced by robots?
This question, raised by Andriy Sichka in her article « Will Computers Replace Credit Managers? » Or in a french article « Révolution digitale : ces professions qui vont disparaître (Digital revolution: these professions that will disappear) » could...
Get paid before the blackout of August
Many companies in many countries close their doors during the month of August where it is the summer period. During that time, it is often very complicated to get its invoices paid. Some take advantage and shift their payments due in July and August to September ... if all goes well. Indeed,...
New tutorial: Improve your internal processes with cash collection!
New tutorial about potential of cash collection to identify and fix biggest issues in its company. Accounts Receivable management does not cover only cash stakes but can highlight the internal processes that don't work well with treasury and profitability consequences. What are the links...
News of My DSO Manager: Group the collection of several accounts
My DSO Manager strategy is very simple: Offer the most qualitative, affordable and flexible solution, whether it concerns the software's functionalities or its implementation. These principles make possible to optimize the cash collection management and thus improve cash flow, profitability...
Tutorial about time management in cash collection
New tutorial about the time management in cash collection. How to illustrate the crucial importance of the temporal element in the Accounts Receivable management? It is possible to highlight that like in other areas of management, or more broadly, other human activities the determinant...

Late payment penalties

Late payment penalties
How to use late payment penalties to educate customers to pay on time? What are the rules to apply them depending on the country?

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Why should you use a cash collection software?
Cash is the lifeblood of any business. Cash makes possible to meet its obligations to its suppliers and financial partners. Cash allows the payment of salaries, and provides the ability to invest and develop the business. This assumption is generally accepted. Almost all leaders and business...

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Calculate and drive the working capital of your business!
Working capital requirement is the amount needed to finance the operation of the business and the difference between disbursements and receipts.
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