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Late payments will increase in the coming months
In France, in the space of one year, payment delays between companies have increased from 11 to 17 days, while those of public services to companies have exploded from 9 to 23 days, according to Intrum. Businesses are expecting a further increase in late payments this year, driven by...
How to implement an effective collection strategy?
Check customer satisfaction before the due date The first thing to do is to measure the level of customer satisfaction by phone, mail or e-mail. Unhappy customers are likely to pay late. If there is a lot of dissatisfaction, the financial repercussions can be significant for your...
My DSO Manager, the credit management software in Alpine style
The Alpine-style refers to mountain climbers who make climbs in high altitude in an autonomous and very fast way thanks to the high skills and quality of equipment. It is opposed to the classical expedition style where mountaineers set up fixed camps, connected by fixed ropes, fed with material...
Manage your credit risk thanks to the risk agenda!
The risk agenda is a new feature available in My DSO Manager, credit management and collection SaaS software, allowing you to manage customers risk thanks to automatic and manual actions available in an agenda and on the customer file. It complements and enhances existing risk functionalities,...
My DSO Manager is recruiting a Project Manager
My DSO Manager is an attractive credit management solution adapted to SMEs, and large groups that offers a set of powerful features to improve cash flow, profitability and customer satisfaction. Attached to the business service, you will integrate a dynamic team and a human-sized...

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