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How to fight against late payments?
Commercial exchanges are as old as the world. The notion of collection, particularly ancient, is derived from the Latin verb recuperare meaning the action of recovering something. In fact, during Antiquity, trade was rarely instantaneous because of the distance and the length of the shipping...
What's the DSO?
Discover our tutorial on the DSO which supplements the existing one concerning the DSO calculation modes (and there are some!). Main performance indicator in the management of receivables and at the same time among the most poorly understood indicators (many mistakenly assimilate it to the...
New tutorial: Credit management for an ecological transition
Find our new tutorial highlighting the challenges of credit management from the angle of the necessary transformation of our economic model into a sustainable and carbon-free model. These stakes are far from the function of credit manager do you think? It is not, quite the contrary. Read our...
Risk management or cash collection?
Find our new tutorial asking the fundamental question of the purpose of the job of credit manager, its components which are all interconnected means allowing to tend towards its objective. By way of example, we will contrast two major business activities: cash collection and customer risk...
Who stole the DSO?
Small sarcastic article written in 2015 when a company in the debt collection industry threatened us with legal action for using the term "DSO". They believed DSO word was their sole property, even if it was ridicule and stupid. DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) is the flagship indicator of...
What are the keys of cash collection?
... and give life back to numb organizations, sometimes bloodless of the vital breath that cash represents, this "lifeblood" of companies allowing them to exist and to develop their business. Debt collection is therefore essential, particularly during the post-summer school year. But...

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