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How to define a credit management strategy?
Inflation, supply difficulties, increased delays in delivering orders, rising interest rates, etc. The situation is radically new and different from past decades. The effects on companies' cash flow and their ability to honor their commitments are still difficult to determine, but the signs...
Credit management at the heart of the economic transition!
Widen the field of possibilities by anticipating the unexpected. Support the development/growth (evolution FR = croissance ou changement ?) by controlling risks. Participate in the turnover’s growth while maintaining the financial equilibrium. Shift towards profitable sales. Sell and get...
My DSO Manager: request a personalized demo!
How to you manage your business' Accounts Receivable? Do you use your accounting software or extractions made on Excel or even an old and outdated credit management software? If so, it means that the last and essential step in your company's sales process could be greatly improved and...
My DSO Manager is recruiting a Software Support Assistant
The compagny P2B Solutions is a company created in 2015 and editor of the Saas software My DSO Manager used by more than 1200 companies in 85 countries. With a strong development in France and abroad, it has become a leader in its sector. My DSO Manager is an attractive credit management...
Accounts receivable management
What does it mean? Accounts receivable includes all the invoices issued by the company as well as the outstanding amounts recorded by the accounting department. It is an important asset, corresponding to receivables awaiting payment, invoices overdue for payment and unpaid invoices. The...

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