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How to optimize your B2B payment terms?
Payment terms are an important factor in the success of a commercial relationship in the business world, particularly in B2B transactions. Many businesses find it difficult to implement effective payment rules that are tailored to their specific needs and aid in the prevention of non-payment....
CICM's Interview with Bertrand Mazuir 
Summiting Financial Success: Mastering Credit Management the Alpine Way!   In a recent interview of CICM with Bertrand Mazuir, former credit manager, the current CEO of P2B solutions and founder of My DSO Manager, A unique perspective on credit management has been drawn a striking parallel...
My DSO Manager at Krakow for Credit Matters XII Event
Three days event with great speakers fully about Credit Management practices and context, and Digital revolution on going, but still at the beginning. My DSO Manager is there with a stand, participating to debates with more coming today and tomorrow, especially with presentation of our...
What is Digital Credit Management?
Why should we not let the high-speed train of Digital Credit Management pass by? Is it an epiphenomenon or a lasting change, or beyond? How to adapt and benefit from the multiple advantages of this digital revolution? What are the risks? Are fears linked to certain technologies such as...
My DSO Manager: request a personalized demo!
How to you manage your business' Accounts Receivable? Do you use your accounting software or extractions made on Excel or even an old and outdated credit management software? If so, it means that the last and essential step in your company's sales process could be greatly improved and...
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