My DSO Manager
My DSO Manager is the innovative SaaS (Software as a Service) software solution for credit management and cash collection between professionals, fast growing solution in Europe and in the World!

It includes all the essential business functionnalities allowing customer risk management, collection, dispute management, reporting, etc.

Entirely designed by credit management professionals, it is affordable to all sizes of businesses. Quick to set up, ergonomic and scalable for users, My DSO Manager is used by 1,000 companies in more than 80 countries. Large international groups, Mid-Size Companies, SMEs and even very small businesses simply use the most modern and efficient credit management software.

The solution natively integrates the management of all existing currencies. The multi-entity platform makes it possible to consolidate data and reports for international groups in real time. The user interface is available in ten languages ​​including Mandarin.

A software that covers major stakes

The collection of debts and the management of the risk of non-payment are vital issues for companies, whatever their size (Large Groups, ETI, SME, VSE).

They have a direct impact on cash flow and profitability, key elements for the sustainability and development of any company.
The use of specialized software is essential in order to achieve good results with maximum efficiency. However, traditional solutions are not suitable for most companies because they are cumbersome to set up and too rigid from a functional point of view.
Objectives of My DSO Manager are:
  • to bring to all businesses, whatever their size, efficient and innovative features to improve their cash flow.
  • promote the best practices of receivable management through the best tool to implement them.
  • drastically simplify implementation constraints and use of the software.

Why the name My DSO Manager?

The DSO is the Days Sales Outstanding acronym. It is the key performance indicator for the management of accounts receivables and debt collection. It is the number of days of sales invoiced and not yet paid.

An efficient recovery of bills, an optimal resolution of disputes and a good control of its customers' payment default risk reduce DSO and improve cash flow and profitability of its business.
My DSO Manager is the tool to manage his DSO, that is to say to control its evolution and to perform all the necessary actions to improve it.

Principles and features

Key Principles

Intuitive. The software is easy to access and use. The manual or automatic import (secure FTP, API, with our connectors) of customer and billing data is done quickly thanks to the flexibility of our Smart Upload import module. The use of features is intuitive.
Efficient. The advanced features of the tool improve cash flow and profitability of its business while improving customer satisfaction through smooth communication and rapid dispute resolution.
Innovative. Interactive e-mails, automatic e-mails, settings of dynamic dunning templates with our #Hashtags, access to tablets and smartphones, linked to payment solutions, ..., are innovative features that are simple and intuitive to use.
Affordable. Offers of My DSO Manager are suitable for all sizes of companies, from the very small to the large account. My DSO Manager is used by SMEs as well as worldwide companies.

Key features

My DSO Manager provides high performance and innovative features that you will take control easily.

Vue globale

Cash collection

  • Create and assign to each of your customers a recovery scenario based on its typology (risky client, public ...).
  • Create your collection templates dynamically (e-mails and letters) while maintaining the ability to customize them in the completion of the action.
  • Automatically insert in your models through #Hashtags late payment penalties, statements of account, bank details of your business and many other information.
  • Give to your customers access to their account situation thanks to interactive e-mails allowing them to reply to you directly in the application.
  • Add a comment and status to invoices after each customer feedback, to keep the history and to prepare the next action.
  • Set up automatic reminders that will be sent if the bills are not paid on time.
  • Identify disputes and drive their resolution urging the actors in your business who can solve them.
  • Manage the recovery by payment center and the customer risk by legal entity in case of multiple accounts for the same buyer.

Customer file

Dispute management

  • Identify disputes during your dunning.
  • Take into account the customer expression via comments.
  • Qualify your transactions with an appropriate status (Price dispute, administrative dispute, ...).
  • Involve the internal actors of your company (sales managers, customer care center, ...) during the collection process.
  • Track the disputes resolution by performing internal follow-up actions.
  • Improve your performance by knowing the resolution time calculated in days.
  • Turn the resolution of your disputes into an opportunity to improve Customer Satisfaction.
Dispute report

Risk management

  • Make a scoring your customers and set a credit limit for each of them with dedicated tools.
  • Integrate your credit limit validation process and have them validated in My DSO Manager.
  • Manage your risk with the Risk report and carry out credit analysis.
  • Create alerts to highlight customers in anomaly (exceeding credit limit or insurer guarantee ...)
  • Manage your credit insurance by controlling the reporting deadlines.
  • For Groups, consolidate your data between several entities allowing you to obtain a consolidated view of the outstanding amounts of your key account customers.
  • Manage multiple currencies whose rates are updated daily and automatically by the software.
Risk report

Performance Management

  • Get reports about the DSO, ageing balances , credit risk, dispute and sales for all of your customers, by customer group and per client.
  • Measure the actual payment behavior of your customers and their average delay in payment.
  • Give access to the software to the actors of your company including sales managers to get them involved in debt recovery.
  • Manage your Group's performance indicators thanks to our multi-entity platform which manage an unlimited number currencies and offer consolidated reports in real time.
AB report

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