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How crisis show how people and companies are?
Inter-company credit, a real thermometer of the attitude of companies in times of crisis. How to orient it in the right direction?
«Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked.». This somewhat grotesque maxim by Warren Buffet illustrates, however, an inherent reality in times of crisis: if stability frames behavior and conditions it, exceptional situations break these locks and reveals...
Author: MAZUIR Bertrand 04-14-2020
The credit management facing a shock wave
Assessment of the economic impacts on businesses and inter-company credit of the crisis following the Covid19. How to cope ?
French companies have applied for state-guaranteed loans for nearly 3 billion euros. The number of people already on partial unemployment has also crossed the 5 million threshold and this should continue.The deaths are numerous and it does not matter where we are on the planet. This unprecedented...
Author: YAO Jérémie 04-08-2020
The payment profile, a major advantage for an efficient management of your Accounts Receivable
How to use the payment profiles to optimize the management of the Accounts Receivable of its company and to highlight the internal problems?
Nowadays, profiling is best known as a solid way to collect information related to the profiles of Internet users from their reactions to e-mails, advertisements and their browsing behavior on the web in order to identify in particular their buying behavior. So why not imagine that your...
Author: YAO Jérémie 02-24-2020
How to rejuvenate your aging balance?
What is the goal of an aging balance? To rejuvenate of course! A serious facelift is however an absolute necessity for any company that wishes to improve its cash flow and maintain its profitability!
The aging balance, this classic tool in terms of appreciation of collection performance, deserves that we take some time to really exploit it and also know how to rejuvenate it. Little reminder: Constituted of different buckets, it looks as a simple tool. The standard approach is to...
Author: YAO Jérémie 07-19-2019
Why should you use a cash collection software?
What interest can a find SMEs to use specialized software in credit management
Cash is the lifeblood of any business. Cash makes possible to meet its obligations to its suppliers and financial partners. Cash allows the payment of salaries, and provides the ability to invest and develop the business. This assumption is generally accepted. Almost all leaders and business...
Author: MAZUIR Bertrand 07-18-2019
Why should you chase your customers before the due date of your invoices?
What are the advantages to start the collection process before the invoices due dates? How to perform an efficient collection prior due date?
Any commercial relationship is based on mutual commitments shared between the seller and the buyer. The buyer undertakes to pay the price of the service or equipment delivered on the date specified in the contract and invoices. However, the buyer frequently forgets, at least temporarily, this...
Author: MAZUIR Bertrand 08-23-2017
Did you know your Credit Application Could be Costing you Money?
This blog discusses how to evaluate an existing credit application and identify deficiencies or how to create an optimal new credit application.
Credit applications are usually a way for creditors to collect information about a potential customer and communicate credit and contractual terms.  Unfortunately, all too often the credit applications we see at our commercial collection agency are missing key items necessary to protect our...
Author: KAPLAN Dean 07-28-2014
July, the month of preventive recovery
Summer is one of the most difficult period to get paid by its customers. How to organize its collection to anticipate these difficulties and maintain the treasury of his business?
Account receivable management is about anticipation. Whether in customer risk management, upstream of the realization of sale, or in the cash collection, downstream, earlier the action is performed, more it is easy and efficient. For example, it is much easier to ask the customer for a deposit...
Author: MAZUIR Bertrand 06-25-2014
How To Make Receivables Harder To Collect
6 Common mistakes made it harder for businesses to collect.
We don’t know anyone who actually wants to make it harder to collect invoices, but here are some common issues that result in this scenario. Repeatedly Invoice Incorrectly Develop a reputation with your customer for sending invoices with wrong information is a great way to end up at the...
Author: KAPLAN Dean 02-27-2014
Is 2014 the year of economic pragmatism?
The situation of companies is and will remain mixed in 2014. Each of them must take this reality into account and adapt its customer risk management accordingly.
The economic crisis is in place at the beginning of 2014. Keep our distance with the political speeches that leverage every micro-positive information to enhance their work with their audience. Business difficulties are indeed present. Failures are at the highest level and the number of firms...
Author: MAZUIR Bertrand 01-06-2014

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