Credit Management
Credit Management, meaning the management of credit granted to its customers, is a discipline increasingly identified as strategic by companies.

Indeed, the challenges of credit management are multiple and essential for any commercial organization: improving cash flow and profitability, preserving customer satisfaction, increasing the credibility of its company vis-à-vis its customers and partners, are all elements directly concerned by the management of customer accounts.
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What is Credit Management? How to measure its performance in Credit Management with the DSO and the rate of late payments
The working capital
Let's talk about the Working Capital Requirement (WCR) which includes Credit Management stakes.

What is the Working Capital Requirement ?
Working Capital Requirement is the amount of money needed to finance the gap between disbursements (payments to suppliers) and receipts (payments from customers).
Almost every company must incur expenses before obtaining the fruits of his labor (the payment of customer invoices). The nature of these costs depends on the activity.

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What is the working capital requirement (WCR)? Link between WCR and credit management (or receivables management).
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