6 kits
Credit risk Kit Credit risk Kit Rubric: Credit Notation Full Credit Management kit including 6 tools which helps to get information from your clients, evaluate their solvency and define their credit limit:
  • Credit Notation,
  • Easy Credit Notation,
  • Credit limit setup and credit limit setup including credit notation,
  • Form and letter to request financial information to customers.
Receivable security  Kit Receivable security Kit Rubric: Delegation of payment Kit including 7 tools to secure its receivable:
  • Bank guarantee on demand,
  • content of a bank guarantee,
  • suspension and termination clauses,
  • property reserve,
  • forfeiture of the term clause,
  • 2 types of parent company guarantees.
Collection Kit Collection Kit Rubric: What is the collection level 1? Full collection kit containing 14 tools from the collection prior due date to the collection level 3 (dispute).

Includes 9 dunning letters template, 4 collection tutorial for each step of the collection process and 1 tutorial about type of questions to use in collection calls made with customers.
Late payment penalties Kit Late payment penalties Kit Rubric: Late payment penalties Full Kit including an Excel tool to calculate easily late payment penalties with an unlimited number of invoices and 3 dunning letters (1 for each collection step) requesting a payment including late payment penalties.
Credit Management reporting Kit Credit Management reporting Kit Rubric: DSO calculation Full Kit of Credit Management reporting including 5 tools:
  • DSO calculation,
  • Overdue ratio calculation,
  • Bad debts ratio calculation,
  • Cost of credit,
  • Credit Management reporting.
Working capital Kit Working capital Kit Rubric: Drive the working capital Includes 4 management tools about working capital which allow to calculate the working capital requirement and to manage it:
  • Normative WCR calculation,
  • WCR calculation and management,
  • DSO calculation,
  • DPO calculation
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