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What exactly is a credit manager?
What are the responsibilities of a credit manager? Why is it so unique, often misunderstood, and thus poorly integrated into companies? Excerpt  from My DSO's pitch at the Credit Management French Association event in Cagnes-sur-Mer on 2nd March.  
Being in a "no man's land" between finance, business, and clients is a weird and solitary position to be in. As a result, a credit manager may find himself stuck between not two, but three converging flames while being located in an exposed location, Witness to prior clashes between...
Cash collection Media Tutorial
Chase up customers for payment is a good practice! But with what media? Phone, email, SMS, interactive email ... Which communication vectors choose to be the most effective?
New tutorial on trade receivable recovery media and strategies. Which media are most used? Are some obsolete or forbidden? What are the new ones? What are the most appropriate means of communication for cash collection?   Is it necessary to adapt the media according to the level of...
Attend to this month's webinar: Rejuvenate receivables' aging balance!
Would you be interested in learning additional strategies to enhance the aging balance of your receivables? Are you open to discovering new methods to improve your cash flow and key performance indicator in this regard? If this is the case, we invite you
What day? Thursday March 23th, 2023 What time? 11:00 to 11:45 am Eastern...
Users of Sellsy, sync your data with My DSO Manager in a few seconds!
With the Sellsy connector, you can automatically import your customer and accounting data into My DSO Manager and begin managing your customer account in our collection and credit management software right away.
Sync your  account to My DSO Manager in a few clicks!   For an always-up-to-date situation, the connector allows you to retrieve your customer and accounting data from your My DSO Manager account on a daily basis, including all open items such as invoices, credit notes, payments,...
02-10-2023 gets completely free!
For the past few days, all online and downloadable tools on Credit Management tools have been completely free! To take advantage of it, simply create an account. Over the next few weeks, the 140 tools will be reviewed and improved in stages.
Use all Credit Management tools for free. The goal is to make these Word, Excel, and online tools as accessible as possible to all businesses. They cover all aspects of credit management, from customer follow-up to the calculation of WCR and DSO, from risk management to cash curves on...
French judicial debt collection: key players
All about the players in the field of legal debt collection, who to contact and when!
Check out our latest tutorial, offered by Cap Recovery, on the players in legal collections! Once you have determined that you wish to carry out a legal collection in France, you need to contact several actors, such as a lawyer, a court or the Greffe, the commissaire de justice, also called...
Managing credit risks or managing risks to credit?
When it comes to the order-to-cash process, collection scenarios should be adapted to the client's risk profile, and risk management tools should be used to help the company achieve its goal of increasing turnover while improving cash.
Which one of these pursuits do you think is the highest in significance? Customer risk management is a complex field that necessitates expert-level understanding of credit analysis and hedging techniques, since it varies with the scale of action (export, projects, etc.). In order to...
Attend to the flash demo of My DSO Manager!
Discover in 30 minutes how to improve your company's accounts receivable management with My DSO Manager, the flagship credit management software used by 1,400 companies in 85 countries.
What day? Wednesday January 25th, 2023 What time? 11:00 to 11:45 am ...
Happy New Year!
Credit Management tools wishes you a very happy new year 2023 in our company!
Find our tutorials and our tools allowing an optimal management of your receivables on this new year! Great news, they will soon be free for everyone.
Late payment penalties: interest rates are increasing!
Faced with inflation, which radically changes the perception of late payments and their effect on the profitability of companies, the legal and the ECB's key interest rates have increased significantly. What are the impacts on late payment penalties?
The legal interest rate between professionals has gone up a notch. 2.06% on January 1, 2023, mechanically increasing the minimum rate of late payment penalties to 6.18% (three times the legal interest rate). This increase is in line with the main key rate of the European Central Bank (ECB)...
My DSO Manager and Cap Recovery Partnership
We are thrilled to partner with Cap Recovery, whose appropriate approach on the local market compliments our now-extensive international reach.
The world is constantly changing; rules change, benchmarks shift; you must be mobile and agile to stay on track. Keeping on track also entails forming alliances with professionals in order to capitalize on expertise. We are therefore pleased to work with Cap Recovery, a collection and...

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