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Streamlining Credit Management Through Digitalisation
Credit managers should optimize efficiency and prioritize high-value tasks by leveraging digitalisation through their processes of cash flow monitoring, trade receivable management, customer relations, dispute management, etc.
What day? Thursday July 20th, 2023 What time? 11:00 to 11:30 am Eastern...
Challenges in enforcing judicial decisions: balancing the rights of creditors and debtors.
Rights of balance: the challenges of enforcing judicial decisions. Learn about the obstacles and complexities involved in enforcing court decisions, where the rights of creditors and debtors are carefully balanced.
Enforcing court decisions comes up against many obstacles because it involves balancing the rights of creditors and debtors. Although the right to execution is an integral part of a fair trial, it can conflict with other fundamental rights such as privacy, housing, and dignity. Public entities...
The Vital Role of Justice Commissioners in Forced Debt Recovery.
Debt recovery, court decisions, forced execution, commissioner of justice, regulations, minister of justice, creditors, debtors, third parties, police assistance, respect for procedures, rights of the parties.
The Justice Commissioner's involvement in compelled debt collection is emphasized as critical. They are the only ones permitted to carry out forced executions and are in charge of enforcing court orders. The Minister of Justice regulates and approves their actions. Justice commissioners are...
45.8% increase in business failures: France exceeds its pre-Covid-19 level
There has been a significant increase in the number of businesses that are unable to survive in France. An rise of 45.8% in the number of failed businesses
According to the Banque de France's monthly monitoring report, company failures have begun to climb again in the last 12 months, despite the government's business assistance measures put in place during the health crisis. The Banque de France demonstrates that "The number of failures...
How to get financial information about your customers?
Like any issue, customer risk management requires a rational approach based on information on which the relevance of the analysis depends. What information is useful and where can I find it?
Find our tutorial on the different types of financial and behavioral information to get for effective credit risk management. What is an effective credit risk management? It depends on having a process in place to identify potential credit risks and then using payment terms and tools to make...
Collection Scenario
Late payments or deadlines monitor credit and reduce the risk of bad debts. Reminding customers of their financial obligations promotes prompt payment, cash flow and reduces credit risk.
What day? Thursday June 27th, 2023 What time? 11:00 to 11:30 am Eastern...
Intersud and My DSO Manager Have Partnered Up to Provide Synergetic Solutions for Their Valued Clients
Intersud, the trusted source of in-depth financial research, and My DSO Manager, a leading credit management software, are excited to announce their partnership to improve customer financial management solutions by combining both firms' experience.
Intersud, the industry's preeminent source of in-depth analysis of companies' financial health, and My DSO Manager, a first in class provider of credit management software and services, are pleased to announce their new partnership. Their goal is to provide their clients with better financial...
Check out our brand-new guide to forced collection prerequisites in France
How can you maximize your possibilities of prevailing in a contentious collection action? Discover the secrets to success in this new business tutorial essential!
The series of tutorials on judicial debt collection continues with our expert Pauline THIBOUT, who combines her name with a technical subject from the perspective of a business coach who specializes in assisting businesses with their overall client management. Indeed, CAP RECOVERY is not...
Enhancing cash flow, Managing customer risk
Uncertainty about financial resources and customer payments can slow down decision-making process. In this webinar credit project experts dicsuss how analytics and technologies support collection strategies and data-driven credit management decisions.
What day? Thursday May 25th, 2023 What time? 11:00 to 11:45 am Eastern...
New tutorial on the parties involved in a forced recovery in France
Time to move on to the second stage of judicial recovery, which is forced recovery, when a debtor does not voluntarily pay an amount that is due after a court decision.
Forced recovery occurs when the debtor refuses to pay, after a court judgment. These forced investigations are framed by strict guidelines and involve different parties, regular or occasional..   During this period, certain rules must be observed. The only person authorized to carry out an...
Efficash and My DSO Manager have teamed up to help their respective clientele achieve even greater success.
Consulting, specialized audits, and cutting-edge solutions for managing credit risk and collections are just some of the ways in which Efficash and My DSO Manager are working together to help businesses improve their credit management and working capital
The partnership between Efficash and My DSO Manager is a dynamic collaboration that both companies share a common goal of helping businesses optimize their cash flow and working capital management. What sets this partnership apart is the unique set of skills and expertise that each company...

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