Credit tools and My DSO Manager to optimize your company's cash inflows

Our entire team is on the bridge to provide all of our users with the best tools to manage their Accounts Receivable and accelerate their company's cash inflows.

Crise Covid-19Dear customers, dear visitors,

In this difficult period for everyone, we really want to inform you that Credit Management tools and My DSO Manager team remains active and mobilized to ensure the continuation of the service, the quality of the support and to provide you with key advice for cash collection, essential element for any company during this period of crisis.

Make the most of use in SaaS mode
You can work from anywhere, on any device: computer, tablet, smartphone. Give maximum priority to working from home.

Use all media to contact your customers: automatic e-mails, interactive e-mails, phone, sms. The contactless is also part of the world of cash collection.

We remain 100% reachable
We have made the necessary arrangements to respond with the same level of service to all your requests for support ( ) or setup of My DSO Manager solution.

Create your My DSO Manager account immediately
Do not wait, immediately use our cash collection software to speed up your collections.

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