Presentation of the Cabinet ARC

Firm of business lawyers with expertise in debt recovery and customer management for more than 25 years, Cabinet ARC puts at its disposal; makes available to companies its experience and expertise in the management of unpaid debts.

Whether you want to entrust the total management of your invoices and customer follow-up processes or train your teams, the lawyers at Cabinet ARC are here to help you. at your disposal to help you get you paid on time.

Benefit from support for all your recovery procedures

  • Amicable recovery with the implementation of adapted follow-up schemes aimed above all at preserve customer relationships

  • Judicial recovery to quickly obtain legal decisions thanks to innovative recovery techniques adapted to your needs. the typology of your files. These decisions are then executed with a view to optimizing recovery with control of bailiff fees.

  • Debt recovery worldwide thanks to the numerous partnerships established with local recovery players (mastery of internal law, procedures, language, culture), guaranteeing you efficiency and effectiveness. maximum and compliance with the processes and legislation in force in the countries concerned
To avoid the time-consuming tasks of managing invoices and collections, Cabinet ARC offers: its clients complete management of accounts receivable. By optimizing processes from customer invoicing, the risk of non-payment is reduced. is thus limited.
The objective is to identify and deal with disputes before the due date of the invoice in order to optimize the entry of cash into the invoice. the deadline.

A department of business detectives allows Cabinet ARC to offer professional services. provides its clients with detailed financial investigations, on the one hand, to support you in your decision-making regarding new business partners, and on the other hand, to identify the seizable assets of your debtor in order to optimize debt recovery amicably as well as in court.

Finally, the lawyers of Cabinet ARC offer you comprehensive training adapted to your needs. your needs in terms of good collection practices and legal techniques by passing on the reflexes to your needs. adopt to easily and quickly obtain payment from your debtors whatever the recovery stage of your file.