Bertrand Mazuir
Credit Manager
My DSO Manager

Founder of My DSO Manager after 15 years of credit management in worldwide companies, I have also created Credit Management tools

List of published articles

Why should you use a cash collection software?
Cash is the lifeblood of any business. Cash makes possible to meet its obligations to its suppliers and financial partners. Cash allows the payment of salaries, and provides the ability to invest and develop the business. This assumption is generally accepted. Almost all leaders and business...
Why should you chase your customers before the due date of your invoices?
Any commercial relationship is based on mutual commitments shared between the seller and the buyer. The buyer undertakes to pay the price of the service or equipment delivered on the date specified in the contract and invoices. However, the buyer frequently forgets, at least temporarily, this...
July, the month of preventive recovery
Account receivable management is about anticipation. Whether in customer risk management, upstream of the realization of sale, or in the cash collection, downstream, earlier the action is performed, more it is easy and efficient. For example, it is much easier to ask the customer for a deposit...
Is 2014 the year of economic pragmatism?
The economic crisis is in place at the beginning of 2014. Keep our distance with the political speeches that leverage every micro-positive information to enhance their work with their audience. Business difficulties are indeed present. Failures are at the highest level and the number of firms...