Collect efficiently your invoices!

How to collect efficiently invoices by implementing a efficient collection process

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It is now essential to adopt a bills recovery process in the operating mode of your business.

This has only advantages (improved cash flow and profitability, reducing working capital ...). ; Claiming your customers the money they owe you money also allows to develop your turnover.


Because the success of any business relationship is based on a balance of reciprocal commitments on the part of seller as the buyer.
Paying bills on the due dates is one of those contractual obligations.

If there is a drift and the seller does not manifest itself, the situation will quickly become untenable and the business relationship will be impacted sharply, with negative consequences for the turnover.

The establishment of a professional recovery process is within the scope of all businesses, large and small.

How to do that?

Simply by applying the principles of Credit tools/ collect your invoices.
They consist all needed for an effective recovery (tools, methods, progressive recovery). You will find all tools needed on Credit tools
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