How will be 2012

Economic Outlook for 2012 and the impact on businesses and credit management

What about this new year for inter-company relationships?

If it is difficult to accurately answer this question, it is assumed that this year will be between a recession and a crisis more pronounced.

The twists and turns ahead of the public debt crisis will undoubtedly continue to weigh on banks and, indirectly, on the real economy.

Thus we will follow with interest the evolution of the number of business failures which is on a slow decrease for 2 years.

Companies will increasingly rely on themselves to finance their activities and development. Besides, why look elsewhere the credit when internal financial resources could be better used?

Every crisis presents opportunities and leads to action. 2012 is the year of the optimization of the WCR (Working capital requirement) for businesses!

The WCR is composed of two "weight": inventory and receivables. These two positions at the balance sheet must be optimized by a precise management for stocks and a driven Credit Management for receivables.

Credit Management contain three essential parts: Improve your Credit Management with Credit tools
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