MY DSO MANAGER will be online by end of June!

Key principles

Simple. The software is easy to access and to use. You can make your first dunning actions few minutes after registration.
Efficient. The features of the tool can improve cash flow and profitability of its business while improving customer satisfaction through smooth communication and rapid dispute resolution.
Innovative. Interactive e-mails, automatic recovery, settings of dynamic dunning templates with our #Hashtags, access to tablets and smartphones ... are innovative features that are simple and intuitive to use.
Affordable. Offers of MY DSO MANAGER are suitable for all sizes of companies, from the very small to the large account.

User friendly interface

MY MANAGER DSO uses the latest web technologies for maximum interactivity and fluidity.

See you soon on Credit Management tools for more news!
Date: 06-22-2015 - Author: Bertrand Mazuir
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