My DSO Manager democratizes the use of a debt collection software!

Ease of implementation and use, in the cloud, accessible to all budgets, multi-currency, multi-language ... etc ...

... are all assets to democratize the use of this type of tool which is key for all companies that give credit to their clients.

This is possible through clear and consistent strategies in software development:

  • Ease of implementation: the import module Smart Upload allows simply and efficiently to import data at any time. Our connectors forthcoming in the next weeks will facilitate further the import of data with many accounting softwares, ERPs...

  • Ease of use: flexible and intuitive features allows to maximize user autonomy.

  • Pricing offers adapted to business needs: from the very small company offer at 29 euros per month to Custom Key Account offers, the business approach is oriented to allow any company to use My DSO Manager.

  • New languages facilitate the use of the tool by companies located in other countries and / or belonging to a group.

Check out our new pricing structure more readable and understandable.

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