New features added to My DSO Manager

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Here are the new features recently added to MY DSO MANAGER:

    • Edit and delete comments associated with items
      Edit and delete comments
      The status and comments are editable by clicking on the desired item. If this comment was applied to several invoices, My DSO Manager asks if the change should be applied to all items.
      It is also possible to delete a comment and a status previously applied to one or more invoices.

    • Advanced search filters in the customer sheet
      Advanced search filters
      It is now possible to filter on all available criteria (items amount, item type, dates ...) on customer's statement of account.
      This is particularly useful when an account has a high volume of invoices or when you want to filter items to create a specific action on the items concerned.

    • Addition of the recovery flat cost
      It is now possible in "My Account" to fill an amount of lump-sum compensation for recovery costs (set at 40 euros in European Community). As for the late penalties, it is possible to activate this recovery cost on the customer sheet. If this is the case, the amount of recovery cost is automatically added to the account statements and the amounts calculated using the tags like #items_amount_late_penalties.

    • Interactive action for specific actions → display only the items concerned
      When an interactive email containing only some customer account documents is sent, interactive page displays only the relevant items (requires the use of the tag #items_list_selected in the sent email). A button allows your client to view the full statement of account if he wants to.


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