News of My DSO Manager

Latest features added to My DSO Manager, allowing to improve efficiency and intuitivity of the debt collection software.

Here are the new features recently added to My DSO Manager:

  • View the progress of the collection scenario directly in the customer record!
    Progress of the collection scenario
    Understand at a glance which stage of the collection scenario you are with:
    • In green, actions that have been completed
    • In black, the action to do
    • In light gray, actions ignored or deleted
    This approach allows better efficiency to perform the good dunning action given the previous ones.

  • Search items by status date → It is now possible in the items search to select the qualified items by date.
    The export to Excel was also enriched with the status date and the author of the status.

  • Items status report → It is now possible to display all the unqualified overdue items in order to take the necessary actions on these invoices.
    Status type

  • The size of the font in the PDF letters has been optimized for better readability. The text appears smaller as well as the table of the statement of account.
    Note that it is possible to format your mails according to your wishes using Html tags.
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