A recent French study done by AFDCC shows that only a few percentage of companies surveyed are using a dedicated too.

If we extrapolate this survey to all French companies, this ratio would even drops dramatically to certainly reach well under 1%. This conclusion is also valid for companies abroad.

Why such a small part, while the management of the client receivables, the collection and the risk are crucial points for the development, the stability and the durability of a company?

Historically reserved for large companies, because of the complexity of implementation and the cost, the use of solutions dedicated to the management of receivables remained limited.

Today, the software offer diversifies and makes this type of tool accessible to as many companies as possible.

A solution such as My DSO Manager opens the possibility for all companies, from the small business to the larges groups, to integrate into the daily management of the customers receivables an extremely powerful tool, easy to access, to implement and to use.

Global view
From collection management using 100% customizable scenarios and the use of #hashtags, to disputes management, risk and performance management, My DSO Manager helps to implement best management practices, and thus allows the optimization of the results by increasing the efficiency of the follow-up of the customer receivables.

The percentage of companies using a dedicated software to manage the client receivables is therefore fortunately brought to be upwarded!

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Date: 01-31-2018 - Author: Audrey Couturier
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