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Connect Creditsafe with My DSO Manager

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Retrieve and use in My DSO Manager key Creditsafe information about your customers to optimize your risk management.

Latest news of My DSO Manager, innovative credit management software for all sizes of companies (our solution is used by SME as well as big international groups), allowing to include your Creditsafe dataNote » and « Recommended Credit ») to your customers files using our new connector « Creditsafe Connect ».
Creditsafe Connect

This new feature allows you to daily follow-up your account receivable against Creditsafe's recommendations, updated daily in My DSO Manager, and thus facilitates your credit risk management.

You manage in My DSO Manager the addition of companies to your Creditsafe portfolio, either from the client file or in mass using the
clients search:

Add to Creditsafe portfolio
(A valid Legal ID or VAT number must be entered to add a client to the Creditsafe portfolio)

Creditsafe « Note » and « Recommended Credit » are available directly on your customers files:
Creditsafe in the customer file

→ The change history is visible by flying over the elements.
→ A simple click on the creditsafe
logo opens the detailled report of the company on the Creditsafe web page.

These informations are also available to perform searches, in the Risk Report, create alerts, ...

Contact us to set up Creditsafe Connect

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