<span class=Credit risk, who decide?" src="/img/risque-credit-qui-decide.jpg" />Find here our new tutorial about credit risk management.

In the areas of credit management and debt collection, prevent is better than cure..

Moreover, we do not cure of an unpaid invoices, we write off receivable and create losses which, we hope, will remain at an absorbable level by the company.

The efficiency of the Accounts Receivable management depends mainly on its preventive nature. Anticipating problems to avoid them is always a winning approach and consumes much less time and energy for a better result.
If the financial risk of a buyer needs to be assessed and the payment terms adjusted as shorter as possible, what processes should be used to mediate between a business challenge and a credit risk?

Read our tutorial Credit risk, who decide?
Date: 03-12-2018 - Author: Bertrand Mazuir
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