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News of My DSO Manager: Group the collection of several accounts

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The Accounts Receivable management software My DSO Manager continues its strong growth in the five continents. It is continually improved with efficient and intuitive features.

My DSO Manager news My DSO Manager strategy is very simple:

Offer the most qualitative, affordable and flexible solution, whether it concerns the software's functionalities or its implementation.

These principles make possible to optimize the cash collection management and thus improve cash flow, profitability and customer relations.

My DSO Manager software is now used by hundreds of companies of all sizes in Europe and around the world, and manages in a simple way complex organizations multi-entities, multi-languages, multi-currencies, ....

The software is constantly evolving according to the needs of our customers, while keeping its intuitiveness .

Last releases

  • Group the collection of several customer accounts → you have multiple accounts for a single customer and you want to make a consolidated collection?
    This new feature allows more efficiency and better communication with your multi-accounts customers.

  • Quickly select a list of clients or items using a copy-paste → this new feature has two main advantages, whether to qualify a list of items on the basis of an Excel Excel or PDF PDF document, or to manage your My DSO account set up with a client search (assign collection scenario, grouping collection, ...).
    Quickly select a list of clients

  • My DSO Manager is now translated in Chinese → to best satisfy our Chinese customers, the software is available in Mandarin in addition to the 8 other languages already present: French, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Brazilian, Turkish.
    My DSO Manager is translated in Chinese
    Reminder: you can create and send dunning documents (e-mail, post mail letters, SMS, ...) in all languages, including non-Latin ones: Asian languages, Arabic, ...

List of last topics in the online help:

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