Track your current month's recovery rate on My DSO Manager

Positive and stimulating indicator, the recovery rate boosts the pursuit of your collection objectives!

Would you like to know the total amount to be collected by the end of the month for your company or by customers' portfolio, and to monitor in real time your progress in the collection of these amounts? To do that, look at the payment schedule report on your My DSO Manager account which now includes:

  • 3 additional columns indicating the total amount to be recovered on current month, the remaining amount to recover, and the recovery rate
  • the detail by customer, which allows to zoom directly on the customers whose recovery rate is not satisfactory

Including self-assessment and self-stimulation indicators for collectors, this playful approach allows you to set goals and track your progress over time.

Filters by status, collectors or groups of customers allow manage this indicator on several perimeters.

For more information, see the online help about Payment schedule report.

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