How to manage customer risk with My DSO Manager?

Modern, intuitive and powerful software created by credit managers, My DSO Manager integrates all the features required for a smooth and optimal management of customer risk.

Assessing the creditworthiness of customers and then adapting payment conditions accordingly are the first key steps to avoid bad debts and late payments.

My DSO Manager, full Credit Management solution, allows to analyze and control the risk with several integrated functionalities:

News for multi-entity users! New functionalities make possible to get a consolidated view of outstandings and risk of a common client to several entities (or countries) as well as a global risk report for the entire group.

  • Ultimate Parent Number: Do you have a common client to multiple entities in different countries? Add to each of the account concerned the same "Ultimate Parent Number" that allows to consolidate its data. Example with the company "Salomon", customer of several entities of the group Multi in several countries:
    1. Add the Ultimate Parent Number in customer sheet: Ultimate Parent Number
    2. Consolidated multi-entities risk report of "Salomon": Consolidated multi-entities risk report
    This approach provides with unprecedented visibility which is very useful for finance as well as business.
  • Multi-entity risk report ? What is the risk exposure of your group? Get a consolidated view with this multi-entity report: Multi-entity risk report

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