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Integrate a payment solution into your collection e-mails!

My DSO Manager allows to include dynamically payments buttons in dunning e-mails. Customers can pay the due amount very easily. This contributes to cash and DSO improvement!

Thanks to our connectors with online payment solutions (Payzen, Paypal, others to come), it is possible to integrate bank card payment buttons in your reminder e-mails in a few clicks!

Collection email with payment button

Benefit from all My DSO Manager flexibility using the various #Hashtag to define the amount(s) to pay:
  • one invoice at a time (directly in the account statement)
    Payment invoice by invoice

  • overdue amount
    #payment_button_overdue ? Payment by credit card

  • overdue amount excluding disputes
    #payment_button_exclude_disputes ? Payment by credit card

  • overdue amount split in several installments (available depending on the payment solution used)
    #payment_button_3times ? Payment in X times

  • etc
Your customer confirms the payment of some invoices only? Create a specific action by e-mail on the items selected with #payment_button_selected and he can immediately make corresponding payment.

If your client is having financial difficulties and you want to give them flexibility, you can send a e-mail out of collection scenario including Payment in X times button which will automatically schedule payments on the dates agreed.

Real revolution in inter-company relations and Credit Management, digitization of payment methods speeds up collection of your receivable and significantly contributes to the reduction of the DSO.
My DSO Manager is an innovative credit management and cash collection software, easy to implement and including high quality functionnalities adapted to SMEs as well as worldwide companies.

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