Is the DSO a key performance indicator?

It is! But under certain conditions because there are as many DSOs as there are companies that use it. My DSO Manager calculates it in real time on an unlimited number of perimeters and thus develops the full power of the indicator.

Le DSODo you really understand what the DSO means and what it brings in performance management?

The indicator is not easy to tame. Its fluctuations sometimes leave you speechless, its methods of calculations call out. Badly calculated and badly used, it can generate tensions and strong misunderstandings for people whose work is evaluated according to its evolution.

Get to know fully the DSO with our business tutorial and make the most of it with our My DSO Manager software which gives it all its strength and all its interest thanks to its real-time calculation and on an unlimited number of perimeters: by customer, country, group of customer, profit center, collection officer, etc.
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