Who stole the DSO?

When a reality is absurd, so are the discussions that flow from it.

Small sarcastic article written in 2015 when a company in the debt collection industry threatened us with legal action for using the term "DSO". They believed DSO word was their sole property, even if it was ridicule and stupid. DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) is the flagship indicator of credit management worldwide!

- We stole the DSO!

- Can the DSO be stolen?

- Well obviously yes.

- How is it possible ?

- Some say the DSO is theirs.

- Ah, how's that?

- You can't use it anymore without their permission, or rather they create trouble if you use it.

- Do you mean they claim that the DSO, the flagship indicator of credit management, used in France and around the world by millions of businesses and professionals, belongs to them?

- It's as simple as that.

- It's strong ! And do they really believe in it?

- Obviously yes.

- Damn, you who have studied this performance indicator from top to bottom, who wrote dozens of articles on the subject and who contributed to the implementation of DSO reporting in international groups, that means you owe them all then, if the DSO belongs to them.

- You do not think so well put, and I am not the only one in this case. There are many DSO experts in our business. How can I show them my gratitude? You realize, I worked for years on an acronym that is theirs and they haven't said anything, well until now.

- Maybe it's because the DSO is theirs, so they are the real experts.

- Don't tell me about it, I don't even think they know what it really is.

- You mean they're the type to tell you that the DSO is the average customer payment time? The good joke!

- You know the story of the guy who thinks he has more intelligence than others, he ends up believing that he embodies intelligence.

- What a stupid guy!

- Well, here it's the same.

More seriously, find our tutorial about the DSO ;-)
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