The crisis committee on payment terms becomes the action committee on supplies and payment terms.

After the confinement measures, it is the resumption of activity that caused supply tensions for electronic products and raw materials.

the-crisis-committee-on-payment-termsFaced with tensions over supplies, the French Ministers of Economy and Industry have decided, with the Banque de France, to extend the missions of the crisis committee led by the Business Mediator and the National Credit Mediator. While the entire economy is affected, the hardest hit sectors are electronics, construction, automotive and metallurgy. These supply difficulties are also accompanied by significant price increases in the underlying logistics activities, for example in the field of maritime freight.

Set up on March 23, 2020 to fight against bad practices by private and public actors (late payments and non-cooperative practices such as unilateral changes to contracts), the crisis committee on payment terms has proven its effectiveness.

Its action effectively helped to defuse a trend towards cessation or late payment, particularly at the start of the health crisis.
Many industrial sectors are suffering the consequences, with extended delivery times, rising prices or supply shortages.

In Dec. 2021, the French government has put in place a support plan to support companies affected by these supply tensions.

Measures include:
  • The extension of the State Guaranteed Loan (PGE) until the end of June 2022,
  • The launch of a BPI France Industry Loan repayable for up to 10 years,
  • The extension of repayable advances and the subsidized rate loan until the end of June 2022,
  • The easing of the staggering of tax and social charges,
  • Continuity of the partial activity system,
  • Strengthening the powers of business mediation...

In January 2022, the French ministers decided to expand the missions of this crisis committee which becomes the action committee on supplies and payment conditions.

This committee will, first of all, detect abnormal behavior of economic actors, private or public, likely to significantly increase market tensions. It will deal with critical situations in complete confidentiality with regard to the players identified, giving priority to dialogue with them and aiming to find a balanced solution. Finally, it will promote solidarity behavior and good practices, particularly in terms of responsible purchasing.

As all sectors and companies of all sizes are affected by these supply tensions, the approach of this system will be transversal. The action committee on supplies and payment conditions will carry out its work in close coordination with the sectors concerned, in particular via France Industrie and construction industry actors.
Through dialogue and exchange, this committee will amplify the action of mediators to accompany and support the companies affected, by advocating supportive behavior and good practices.
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