Collection of 84 billion euros accelerated by My DSO Manager over the last twelve months!

1,200 companies in 85 countries accelerate their collections and improve their customer satisfaction thanks to our Credit Management and cash collection software! Why not yours?

The agility and intuitiveness of our software appeals to dozens of companies each month because it allows them to very quickly achieve their goals of improving cash flow and the quality of their receivables management.

With no commitment period beyond a month or a quarter, affordable and quick to set up, the quality of the solution makes it possible to meet the advanced needs of the most demanding credit managers as well as those of SMEs.

Do you believe that a six-months project is necessary to set up this type of software? With My DSO Manager, the average implementation time is two to three weeks thanks to the solution's great flexibility and adaptability capabilities. Want to know more ? Contact us!

My DSO Manager figures
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