Users of Sellsy, sync your data with My DSO Manager in a few seconds!

With the Sellsy connector, you can automatically import your customer and accounting data into My DSO Manager and begin managing your customer account in our collection and credit management software right away.

Sync your  Connecteur Sellsy account to My DSO Manager in a few clicks!
Connecteur Sellsy


For an always-up-to-date situation, the connector allows you to retrieve your customer and accounting data from your My DSO Manager account on a daily basis, including all open items such as invoices, credit notes, payments, ODs, and so on.

Have you created in  Connecteur Sellsy any custom fields (customer segmentation, your specific corporate data) ? They will be duplicated in My DSO Manager and displayed in the report and customer account statement filters based on your preferences.

Another undeniable advantage of this connector: the link with the pdf of your invoices generated in Sellsy. Elles seront ainsi intégrées dans vos e-mails de relance ainsi que sur la  interactive page and client files.
Connecteur Sellsy pdf factures

This new connector let the users of   Connecteur Sellsy to easily benefit from My DSO Manager, , leading collection and credit management solution used by businesses of all sizes.


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