Recovery media
Find our tutorial on recovery media.
The ability to communicate effectively is at the heart of receivables management. Whether externally (customers) or internally (commercial staff, sales administration), the quality of the information shared is essential to obtain results. Communicating to get people to act is a key maxim in this profession located between finance and commerce, between its company and its customers.

What are the most used media? Are some of them obsolete or to be avoided? What are the new follow-up media offered by specialized credit management and collection software?

And above all, what are the most suitable means of communication for cash collection?
Should the media be adapted according to the level of recovery?
Find out our tutorial on this essential subject to improve your company's cash flow and its credibility in the seriousness and relevance of its management.


Date: 03-09-2023 - Author: Bertrand Mazuir
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