Intersud and My DSO Manager Have Partnered Up to Provide Synergetic Solutions for Their Valued Clients

Intersud, the trusted source of in-depth financial research, and My DSO Manager, a leading credit management software, are excited to announce their partnership to improve customer financial management solutions by combining both firms' experience.

Recouvrement de créances forcé

Intersud, the industry's preeminent source of in-depth analysis of companies' financial health, and My DSO Manager, a first in class provider of credit management software and services, are pleased to announce their new partnership. Their goal is to provide their clients with better financial management solutions by combining the expertise of both firms.

Intersud is a leading provider of business intelligence on a wide range of topics, including customer financial health, dependability, and the competitive landscape. Businesses may use their in-depth database and state-of-the-art analytics based on tailor made inquiries to make educated decisions and reduce financial risks.

Meanwhile, My DSO Manager who expertise in credit management and offer an advanced SaaS software, including credit risk management, cash forecasting, and cash collection features, helping businesses to optimize their cash flow and minimize credit-related losses.

Together, Intersud and My DSO Manager will provide their clients complementary tools that will allow them to better manage credit risk and make more informed financial decisions. Through the collaboration, customers will be able to:

  • Order Intersud inquiries from My DSO Manager
  • This will provide your company with a larger pool of credible data about a customer's financial stability and creditworthiness. Accurate credit risk assessments and well-informed judgments concerning limits and payment arrangements being possible with the use of this information

  • Strengthen customer relationships
  • Through enhanced credit assessments based on human and database inquiries, clients will gain deeper insights into the reliability and solvency of their business partners. This knowledge will facilitate better selection and foster stronger partnerships, reducing the likelihood of disruptions in their collaboration.

  • Gain market intelligence
  • Clients will receive valuable market insights, including the financial standing of their co-related actors in the market. This information will help them identify competitive advantages, seize opportunities, and stay ahead in their industry.

By working together, Intersud and My DSO Manager will help clients improve their credit management and give them a leg up in the marketplace. The partnership's combined skills will be used to help its clients in the areas of financial security, less credit risk, and enhanced company performance.

Explore the kind of the functionalities that this partnership has put in place.

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