Webinar of collection scenario - My DSO Manager
What day?
July 20th, 2023
What time?
11:00 to 11:30 am
Eastern Standard time*

Credit managers struggle with cash flow and frequently stress about whether or not clients will make timely payments. The credit team is bogged down by routine duties that hinder them from conducting in-depth research and making informed decisions.

Businesses can adapt their trade receivables management operations and prepare for the future of limitless knowledge by securing their financial and commercial strategies with cutting-edge technologies and data analytics.

Our system has changed the account receivable administration experiences of corporations with even complicated structures thanks to data-driven tactics and creative ideas derived from a very long expertise in this industry.

The goal of doing monthly webinars is to network with other professionals who share similar passions and challenges. One of the advantages of our approaches and techniques is that we don't need a dedicated sales team or a commercial process to attract new customers; rather, the success of our webinars and the recommendations of our clients and expert partners have brought in over 1,500 customers from over 85 countries in less than 7 years.

Another advantage of this digitalisation solution is its ease of integration and adaptation to any structure, both of which are critical in convincing any decision-maker and IT support staff to collaborate on its deployment.

So let's free up some time for credit managers and assist them in improving the company's cash flow and treasury.

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Date: 07-03-2023 - Author: Yalda Bayat
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