Démo My DSO Manager

How to you manage your business' Accounts Receivable?

Do you use your accounting software or extractions made on Excel or even an old and outdated credit management software?

If so, it means that the last and essential step in your company's sales process could be greatly improved and optimized.

Discover how My DSO Manager is revolutionizing the implementation of B to B cash collection software and how this 2.0 solution transforms the relationship you have with your customers by attending a demo carried out by one of our experts.

Thanks to My DSO Manager, you modernize your company and its image, strengthen its credibility both external and internal, and above all you improve its cash flow and profitability while satisfying its customers!

My DSO Manager is used by more than 1,500 companies in 85 countries! Request a demo by clicking on the image below:

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Date: 10-03-2023 - Author: Audrey Couturier
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