Summiting Financial Success: Mastering Credit Management the Alpine Way!


In a recent interview of CICM with Bertrand Mazuir, former credit manager, the current CEO of P2B solutions and founder of My DSO Manager, A unique perspective on credit management has been drawn a striking parallel with the efficient and agile approach of alpinism in the mountains.

In 2015, Bertrand Mazuir and his dedicated team pioneered a cutting-edge cloud-based software known by its rallying cry ‘’Credit Managers’ Digital Empowerment’’. With over 8 years of unwavering commitment to the field of credit management, they have crafted ingenious solution that now empower and support over 15,000 collection, account recievable and credit management professions across a global network spanning more than 85 countries.  

Today, we bring you below the highlights of this eye-opening conversation which was initially featured on CICM's podcasts inventory.

Credit Management in Alpine Style: A Unique Perspective

As we delve into the heart of the discussion, Bertrand Mazuir provides an intriguing perspective on credit management. This profession, often seen as the bridge between finance and sales, requires a diverse skill set, encompassing accounting, legal, communication, financial, IT, and more. He emphasizes the need for efficiency and the right tools to excel in this role, drawing parallels to the alpinist's need for agility, adaptability, and self-sufficiency.

The Alpine Style Analogy

Drawing inspiration from alpinism, the contrast between the classical approach and the alpine style in credit management has been highlighted in this discussion. Just as alpinists have evolved to climb mountains swiftly and efficiently, credit managers can embrace a similar mindset to enhance their performance. Traditional credit management methods, akin to the classical mountain expeditions, can be rigid, time-consuming, and expensive. His approach represents the alpine style, promoting agility and cost-effectiveness in credit management.

Navigating the Storms

Much like alpinists facing unpredictable weather conditions, credit managers encounter unexpected challenges. The Founder of My DSO Manager emphasizes the importance of continuous monitoring, flexibility, and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Just as alpinists rely on weather forecasts, credit managers should use advanced tools to make informed decisions and navigate through economic storms.

Decision-Making in Uncertainty

In both alpinism and credit management, decision-making is paramount. Bertrand Mazuir discusses how credit managers evaluate risks and rewards, akin to alpinists assessing the dangers and benefits of their climb. Having access to real-time information and the ability to adapt quickly is essential to making well-informed decisions.

Planning for Success

Planning plays a pivotal role in both alpinism and credit management. The importance of setting clear goals and breaking down strategies into manageable steps has been discussed on the podcast. Just as alpinists remain open to route alterations, credit managers must be willing to revise their plans as circumstances evolve.

The Power of Collaboration

Teamwork and communication are vital in both alpinism and credit management. The need for open dialogue among team members and collaboration across departments was underscored to show that breaking down silos allows credit managers to work efficiently with various stakeholders and prioritize key objectives.

Balancing Drive with Responsibility

Summit fever, a relentless pursuit of success, can lead to hasty decisions in alpinism. Bertrand draws a parallel to credit management, where preserving credit KPIs may conflict with sales objectives. The key is finding a balance through collaboration, agility, and intelligent decision-making.  

Credit Management in Alpine Style


This conversation has shed light on how credit management can benefit from the alpine style—agility, adaptability, and efficiency. Embracing these principles, credit managers can navigate the peaks and valleys of their profession while ensuring financial success. Just as alpinists conquer mountains, credit managers can conquer financial challenges with the right tools and mindset.


Date: 11-08-2023 - Author: Audrey Couturier
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