My DSO Manager at the British Credit Awards

On February 1st, My DSO Manager's team attended the British Credit Awards hosted by The Chartered Institute of Credit Management in London. Let's take a look at this wonderful night !

Bertrand Mazuir announcing the best employee initiative award

My DSO Manager enthusiastically participated and was one of the sponsors in the British Credit Awards event held on February 1st by The Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM), a cornerstone occasion in the Credit Management and Debt Collections Industry. These awards honor outstanding achievements by experts, teams, and businesses in the field, attracting industry leaders for a grand celebration of excellence and innovation.

The distinction of CICM lies in its rich history spanning an impressive 85 years. As the premier professional organization for the credit management community worldwide, CICM has been instrumental in driving industry transformation by providing invaluable support, resources, and collaborative opportunities. With expertise covering the entire Credit Management and Debt Collections lifecycle, CICM continually sets the benchmark for quality and progress.

Sue Chapple-CEO of CICM

Judged by 16 esteemed industry experts, this awards event showcased top-tier talent in the field, with over 65 companies vying for recognition. Drawing over 500 credit management experts, the event solidified its reputation as a premier industry gathering. A total of 67 individuals and companies were honored across 21 categories, underscoring the industry's vast and diverse talent pool.

Beyond being a mere ceremony, the awards served as a celebration of innovation and a testament to the industry's resilience. In collaboration with CICM, this event provided a platform for industry giants and emerging businesses alike.

Expert speaking at the British Credit Awards Another Expert speaking at the British Credit Awards

Among the distinguished attendees, My DSO Manager proudly emerged as a finalist in two prestigious categories: Technology development and Best use of technology. While the company may not have secured the top spot, the recognition they garnered was profoundly meaningful. It marked the team's inaugural participation in the largest international community within the credit management industry, standing alongside esteemed industry stalwarts. This achievement underscores the company's emerging presence and influence in a landscape where established rivals have long held sway, reflecting their commitment to growth and innovation with due deference to industry veterans.

" This acknowledgment marks a significant milestone for us, highlighting our presence and growth on a global scale. It's a sincere reflection of My DSO Manager's dedication and its potential for further success as we continue to expand our reach and impact within the industry. It reaffirmed our steadfast commitment to excellence and showcasing the passion that drives each member of the team behind company. "  Yalda Bayat - Marketing and Communication Head Manager

Yet, beyond the thrill of competition, the summit embodied a steadfast dedication to progress. My DSO Manager actively supported initiatives aimed at fostering positive change in the sector. The judges lauded the innovative and meticulously structured initiative that actively involves employees in their own career development, ultimately benefiting the entire organization. This award emphasized the company's belief that success extends beyond accolades but to the impact that professions create.

Winner's of the Best Employee Initiative Award

More than just a networking opportunity with industry leaders, the summit facilitated meaningful interactions and encouraged discussions beyond competition. Collaborating with experts from diverse backgrounds, it drew inspiration from shared goal of pushing boundaries and shaping the future of credit management sector.

" As we bid farewell to 2024 British credit awards summit, we carry with us not only memories but also a renewed sense of purpose. We extend our sincerest gratitude to Sue Chapple and her entire team at CICM for their exceptional efforts in organizing this remarkable event. Our passion, perseverance, and unwavering commitment to making a difference continue to drive us, and we are honored to have been part of this stimulating experience. "  Bertrand Mazuir - CEO and Founder of My DSO Manager

Group photo of all the participants

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