A solution that initiates a paradigm shift

My DSO Manager - Groupes internationauxBeyond figures and performance indicators, My DSO Manager's uniqueness is a change in the nature of what credit management software is.

  • Imagine a collaborative platform to which all stakeholders in the business relationship have access, internally and externally (the customer portal), with all the information that everyone needs to interact and solve possible problems and disputes.
  • Imagine an ergonomic, flexible environment that combines the most scalable features and the latest digital technologies, such as machine learning or AI, enabling targeted automation of recovery and risk management while leaving users with the ability to further customize key customer tracking.
  • Imagine a multi-entity platform that consolidate all the data and performance indicators at Group level, regardless of size and number of countries, managing all currencies and 170 languages in real time.

Constellation My DSO

  • Imagine a software that is compatible with all ERP and CRM solutions, interconnected with multiple third-party solutions, and flexible enough to translate each company's organizational structure into the software for effective team management and custom analytical reports.

Constellation My DSO

  • Imagine an extremely fast deployment project, made possible by the flexibility of the software and the Smart Upload module, which allow your IT team to operate with minimal constraints.
  •  ... and you will get some of the reasons why My DSO Manager gains dozens of new memberships from customers every month for more than 1,800 companies in 89 countries that are digitizing customer financial relationship management.

Transforming credit management !

These basic principles naturally lead to improvements in key indicators such as cash, DSO, loss rates, productivity, customer satisfaction, and corporate image.

Hundreds of international groups have implemented My DSO Manager, setting a new standard in their group's digitization of an essential aspect of customer relationships, thereby improving the quality of their cash management and customer satisfaction.

My DSO Manager software expands the scope of the credit manager's and the recovery officer's actions, places security and debt payment issues at the heart of the business and customer relationship, and helps to enter the digital age of the economic world.

What business size is My DSO Manager for?

Companies and international groups with one or more credit management teams are the primary audience of My DSO Manager. The software helps companies manage turnover ranging from tens of billions of euros to tens of millions of euros, although SMEs can also utilize it. The original intention of My DSO Manager which was to offer the most relevant credit management software to any business size, wherever it is located, continues.

A few references:

Company Turnover managed by My DSO Manager Client testimony
€32 billion Interview and video
€700 millions  
€5 billion Video
€500 millions  
€2 billion Interview
€500 millions Interview
€1 billion  
€750  millions
€2 billion  

Do you want to talk about the issues and challenges facing your company in terms of digital credit management?

Date: 06-24-2024 - Author: Bertrand Mazuir
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