Nikanorova Ekaterina
The Expert Ekaterina Nikanorova Credit Manager Raw masterials distribution

Could you introduce yourself and describe your background?

I graduated two Moscow Universities and have Master degrees as Biotechnology engineer and Economist (International Finance).Have been working whole my career in International companies with headquarters in South Korea, USA, Belguim.

What motivated you to choose this profession?

In the beginning of my career I met bright professional, who was so enthusiastic in what he was doing, that he inspired me to join credit management and I never regret it.

Why do you like this job? And what advice would you give to a person wishing to do this job?

I like the combination of finance & getting to know different industries & meeting new people. To do this job you should like the figures, be curious & have a wish to find the solution.

In your opinion, what are the main credit management specificities encountered in your country?

We do not have the courts, working effectively. That’s why its very important to concentrate of preventing the debt, rather than collecting it.

How do you see credit management in the years to come?

I believe its perspective professional area, that will stay in demand.

Do you use credit insurance? What do you think of it?

Yes, we use credit insurance. It’s very useful tool to spread the risks.

How did you get through the Covid crisis, did it have an impact on your activity?

When Covid started there was a big wave of non-payments, but afterwards the customers adapted to the new reality and it went back to normal.

Do you use a credit manager software to help you in your work ?

I use corporate & credit insurer’s tools.

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