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New features for calculating the DSO

Calculate the DSO on several scopes. What is the DSO a group of client, an activity of your company, or a particular client?

Application DSOA new feature allows you to calculate DSO and to perform DSO reporting on several perimeters.

There are many advantages for this segmentation of the DSO as it helps to detect which areas are potential improvements.

Using the application for calculating the average cost of financing your business, it is possible to know the cost of credit granted to a customer or group of customers and the cost of late payment!

To be used in commercial negotiations!

How to do?

Once logged into your account, go to DSO Manager then in the "DSO calculation scopes" under "Admin" in the menu bar.

Fill your scopes and validate.

Then open the application for the calculation of DSO and select the desired scope before performing the calculation.

The tool DSO reporting can be used for each perimeter set up.
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