What is the role of the CFO in Accounts Receivable management?

Accounts receivable are a key financial stake related to company's cash flow and profitability. What is the role of the CFO in this management and the choices that relate to it?

CFO Accounts Receivable management and credit management are often overlooked by company executives.

However, it has multiple consequences, primarily financial but also commercial.

The receivables are also a barometer of the quality produced by the company at all stages of the quote to cash process:

  • production,
  • supply chain,
  • invoicing,
  • contractualization,
  • services delivered,
  • ...etc.
Indeed, each malfunction generates unpaid invoices. The analysis of the overdues makes possible to identify the main shortcomings of the internal processes. The CFO has a very wide area of responsibility. He holds the keys of the company on a vital aspect: the funding.

How can he ensure that the Accounts Receivalble are managed in a optimal way? Read our tutorial.
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