Zoom on the debt collection kit

Download the collection kit including many templates of reminder mails and emails as well as tutorials for each step of the telephone call, from pre-chase to pre-litigation.

Debt collection Debt collection management requires several competencies to be efficient :
  • Good understanding of accounts receivable management and stakes of this activity (cash, profitability, customer satisfaction ...)

  • Sales and relationship skills, whether with clients or internally

  • Applying good methods (progressiveness of actions with a collection scenario, time management) ...
It also requires good tools and good models to build on.
The Collection kit includes 14 complementary tools to professionalize your management of trade receivables. They are particularly useful for reinforcing the relevance of your writings that are key to achieve good results.

Note that if mail is used less and less for the benefit of email, it is still necessary at the stage of the formal notice which is the pre-litigation stage of the recovery process.
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