For his 4 years, My DSO Manager celebrates his 523rd customer!

My DSO Manager is four years old, a rebellious age for kids, and strong growth for the flagship credit management solution.

Anniversaire My DSO Manager Faced with the difficulties of the companies, resulting from a deficient management of the accounts receivables, the first idea of My DSO Manager is to bring a relevant, very effective and affordable solution for VSE / SME as well as to big international groups.

Some references:

The flexibility of the solution makes it easy to manage various configurations, whether at the functional, organizational or system level:

  • Multi-entities: No matter the language or currency, My DSO is used on the 5 continents in countless languages! He manages smoothly groups and multiple currencies. The consolidation of data is native and allows to zoom from the group level to the single invoice in a few clicks.

  • Customer relation quality: far beyond a basic robotic solution, the flexibility of the software makes possible to automate or semi-automate the actions and reminders while keeping the possibility to personalize and adapt its external communication (towards the customers) or internal (towards the sales managers and sales administration).

  • System performance: 100% real time software 100% in real time, My DSO has "jumped" the traditional locks to the use of this type of tool. Imports data at any time, ability to handle large volumes and various data formats, very fast response times, etc.
After four years of intense development, My DSO Manager has not lost its innovative instinct, the desire to disrupt and above all to bring value to businesses.
Over the last 12 months, more than seven billion euros of receivables have been paid following actions performed in the software:


If the seven years of the age of reason are still far away, the goal of My DSO Manager remains the same: being useful and always evolve to help companies grow without being penalized by late payments due to lack  in customer risk management, debt collection, and to all the disqualities of the sales process.


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