French judicial debt collection: key players

All about the players in the field of legal debt collection, who to contact and when!

Debt collection
Check out our latest tutorial, offered by Cap Recovery, on the players in legal collections! Once you have determined that you wish to carry out a legal collection in France, you need to contact several actors, such as a lawyer, a court or the Greffe, the commissaire de justice, also called Huissier of justice in the past.
In the area of judicial collection,our latest tutorial explains how to approach each actor, whether or not they have an obligation, and to what extent we need to pay attention to certain particularities related to each of them, such as evidence, reporting, and jurisdiction. In addition, the article discusses how we should determine whether or not each actor is subject to a jurisdiction.
The possibility of a fair trial is contingent on the participation of numerous parties. A judicial procedure is divided into stages, each of which represents a distinct stage. All of them are expert in their respective fields and eager to assist litigants who no longer need to be afraid of knocking on their door to inquire about their services or obtain additional information.

To learn more about this topic, please visit our corresponding tutorial.
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