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No mans land of credit managementBeing in a "no man's land" between finance, business, and clients is a weird and solitary position to be in. As a result, a credit manager may find himself stuck between not two, but three converging flames while being located in an exposed location, Witness to prior clashes between these parties, whose interests may appear to be disparate at times.

But the credit manager embraces a perilous and committed mission: pacifying and reconciling these various actors in the utmost interest of the company when it comes to antagonists between financial and commercial, and of the commercial relationship when tensions arise between the seller and his customer.

To carry out this ambitious mission, where communication is critical, you will agree that ERP or accounting software, Excel, and Outlook are inadequate weapons.
The purpose of My DSO Manager,  as a SaaS credit management software, aims to fill this void, to connect credit managers, salespeople, and consumers on the same platform, by providing everyone with the information they want and directing them toward the same goal: reconciling the convergent interests of all parties.

It is for this reason that our customers benefit from an unlimited number of users, in order to facilitate interactions between sales representatives, customer care center, and credit manager / collectors, particularly for dispute resolution, and to encourage the involvement of management functions (CFO, financial controller, sales management, etc.) on these key aspects of the customer financial relationship.

Thus, thanks to interactive emails, customers have one-click access to their portal, where they can find PDFs of their invoices, an Excel-exportable statement of account, payment links to settle their invoices via wire transfer, direct debit, or credit card, and the ability to interact with their collector.
Above all, credit management is an issue of communication and understanding of everyone's interests. My DSO Manager makes it possible to deal with this issue by adding this zealous and sparkling touch that emphasizes the product's uniqueness. for a successful business relationship.
Nevertheless, the credit manager remains an unusual species, always on the razor's edge. This is what makes it valuable and rare. The principles of credit management are sometimes misunderstood  despite the fact that they are critical for any business: they provide a way to improve cash flow through effective collection of receivables, profitability with optimum customer risk management, customer satisfaction with rapid resolution of disputes, and the company’s image by contributing to continuous improvement of the sales process. What other function has such a wide-ranging impact on the business?

AFDCC My DSO Manager's mission is to democratize the use of collection and credit management software. It’s for this reason that the solution can be set up very quickly and is used by any size of company, thanks to the flexibility and quality of our import module, which receives data from hundreds of ERPs from the majority of countries worldwide.

The same principles apply to the functional and ergonomic aspect. My DSO Manager enables  customization in automation, an essential condition for success in this job located in the region between trade and finance Where appropriate and high-quality communication, both internal and external is indispensable.

No commitment period, singular priority on customer satisfaction and having no salespeople in our group but only experts in credit management and information technology (IT to quote the popular acronym), all of which characterize our firm.

Managing multi-entities: real-time group consolidation, multi-currency: all currencies and conversion rates being included, multi-languages: nine for the program, dozens for follow-up languages (e-mails, SMS, letters,...) and so many other features has made  My DSO Manager to be used by over 1,400 organizations of all sizes in 85 countries.
More than 89 billion euros in receivables have been managed on the platform over the last twelve months!
To carry out this particular mission, the credit manager needs a specific tool that responds to the realitis of his/her job by combining automation, intelligence and customization. This is what My DSO Manager is all about.

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