The credit management facing a shock wave

Assessment of the economic impacts on businesses and inter-company credit of the crisis following the Covid19. How to cope ?

French companies have applied for state-guaranteed loans for nearly 3 billion euros.

The number of people already on partial unemployment has also crossed the 5 million threshold and this should continue.

The deaths are numerous and it does not matter where we are on the planet. This unprecedented and deadly pandemic has brought "chaos" to all systems.

Lived like a tsunami whose shock wave is not yet fully felt..
Starting a news like this has never happened on Credit Management tools, however, this is the reality that goes against words, ideas, desires.
But if there is one word to keep in mind it is that of Solidarity then we will try to give you this flash of energy, this full of energy so as not to let this tsunami take everything away, for prepare yourself as well as possible for this wave which is gaining momentum and speed.
Today the observation is that primary needs really appear as a recognized priority, appreciated by all.
Coming from the Maslow pyramid, this observation goes back in time and is true for everyone. So why not ask the question also for a legal entity, a company?

What is the primary need of a business?

The answer is simple: Have cash. In its financial policy, any business faces three major challenges:
  • The profitability stake, reflecting its ability to create net result on a recurring basis.

  • The solvency stake, reflecting its ability to meet its long-term commitments

  • The liquidity stake, reflecting its ability to honor its commitments on a daily basis.
If the first 2 points are often in the area of ??corporate surveillance, the point relating to liquidity and therefore cash is not always "under control"; it is for this reason that certain so-called profitable companies, solvent with a good order book, may find themselves in difficulty due to lack of liquidity; bankruptcies procedures often concern this type of business.
Managing your account receivable means managing your cash and therefore dealing with the scarcity of bank credit.

So imagine how essential it is today to ensure close control of your AR.

The first credit granted is the one which was made to your customers by setting a due date on your invoices. The goal is not to revolutionize everything, but simply to ensure that the product or service that you have performed and that has been invoiced is paid for at the contractual date; this cash kept in your AR must be released on the due date to provide you with the liquidity necessary for the survival of your business..
Cash is the lifeblood of your business.
It is clear that you are going to run into some of your customers who also have cash flow problems and request postponements, additional delays: you must analyze each case to preserve the balance and avoid the domino effect with insolvencies in cascade.

How best to carry out this cash-oriented approach?

In the year 2020, you can no longer manage your receivables with a pen and a sheet of paper or a mouse and an excel sheet, you must have software that:
  • manage you Accounts Receivable,
  • define priorities,
  • does not forget anything,
  • recalls everything,
  • multiplies actions,
  • monitor promises to pay,
  • drift alerts,
  • provide with cash forecasts,
  • provide with performance oriented reports.
All this brings you a key element: time to increase your added value, to analyze specific cases, to increase your approach to customer satisfaction, to have the ability to look further, to see coming.
The crisis we are experiencing is only beginning, the first impact is already hurting but there is still time to do everything to increase your chances of passing the rest of this economic, health and financial storm.

I was talking about a shock wave and that's what you have to prepare for by being an actor immediately.

Is there still time to launch a project to equip your business with a credit management software?

Here is the precise definition of the word Project: "A project is a set of activities organized in phases or stages and forming the management unit allowing the achievement of a defined and precise objective".

Project = punctual operation having a beginning and an end, requiring the implementation of human and material resources for its realization.

So it's not about talking about a project. The above definition makes it clear that it is too late. Today we are in a world and even more in the current situation where agility, speed, simplicity become the major assets for success.
This is why you need to choose a software that can be implemented quickly, simply Make the right choice even if I already have an idea in mind. Do not rely solely on secured or other loans to keep your apnea during this storm, go and find what belongs to you in your debt portfolio: your cash is at your fingertips if you have the tool and the will to collect it.

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