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Tutorial to understand and analyze the balance sheet

As a key element of financial analysis, the balance sheet represents the state of shape of a company when the income statement details the recent ranking. How to interpret it?

Anayse bilan Find our tutorial about balance sheet analyze.

What are the great masses to be evaluated, what are the relations between them? What does the balance sheet tell us about business' health?

It is to all of these questions that we will answer in this tutorial which aims to make you realize what the figures hide in this document.

The annual accounts of a company are presented in a certain format and in the form of figures which are a language allowing to explain the accounting and financial reality of a company.

Through these numbers, you have to see the company concerned, like Keanu Reeves in Matrix visualizing the world through the Matrix and its numbers. You will therefore be an expert in financial analysis when, instead of the balance sheet and the income statement, the image of the company with all of its characteristics will materialize in your mind when reading them. .

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