Credit management at the heart of the economic transition!

What is the role of credit management in an economic world where paradigm shifts are accelerating and becoming more and more necessary, certainly vital?

Widen the field of possibilities by anticipating the unexpected. Support the development/growth (evolution FR = croissance ou changement ?) by controlling risks. Participate in the turnover’s growth while maintaining the financial equilibrium. Shift towards profitable sales. Sell and get paid… Here are some of the definitions of Credit Management. It reflects the imperative need of this function within the company. A need that is even more important nowadays.
In the past thirty years, has the unexpected been more important than today? Have the risks been higher? Has the financial balance of the markets, the States and the companies been more disrupt?
Professionalizing the sales cycle from the beginning (prospecting) to the end (receipt) will lead to an agile and focused company with enough financial capacity to adapt and overcome.

An optimal management of the outstanding invoices allows one’s company to identify and address the deficiencies of the sales cycle. This fits perfectly the continuous improvement of the business Quote to Cash process.

This management is particularly virtuous and improves liquidity, profitability and client satisfaction. What more could you ask? It’s the key to retrieve the financial resources consumed by trade debtors and the opportunity to turn these resources into transforming investments.
What could be more vital today than transforming our business models? Market requirements evolve extremely fast and the ecological imperative imposes itself to nearly all of the businesses. To keep conducting business, these companies must integrate these new Green values and must hire the new generations of employees whose level of tolerance towards polluting and greenwashing companies is shrinking.
A software such as My DSO Manager can digitalize the customer relationship, thus eliminating the use of paper in order to become more efficient and eco-friendlier. Thanks to our new functionalities based on the management of customer credit risks, our software allows you to anticipate any default of payment and to drive the outstanding receivable in an efficient and precise way.


In Credit Management, prevention is better than cure!

It is, indeed, extremely hard to heal from unpaid invoices. These wounds leave traces in the rentability and the cash flow of your company. Overdues are actually responsible for one in four business failures.

The risk agenda increases your ability to drive the credit risk throughout today’s instability and shifting economic constraints. Furthermore, the existing functionalities such as connections with financial information suppliers and credit insurers, consolidated risk reports, credit-limits validation workflows and so on will make sure you don’t miss anything.


Performance and agility are the necessary qualities to ensure one’s company a bright future. Thanks to agile and performant digitalization tools, this mandatory transition is now possible. Hence the analogy with the alpine style the purest form of mountaineering.

Our solution My DSO Manager is used by more than 1 200 companies in over 85 countries and allows you to improve your cashflow, hence your ability to transform yourself. At the macroeconomic level, our software contributes to the acceleration of the financial flows between all the market participants. The quicker the market participants are, the quicker the ecosystem shifts.

My DSO Manager is part of this new dominant paradigm: evaluate a company based on its turnover, its profitability and its capitalization has become completely obsolete. It’s a confusion of the means with the ends. Theses financial elements are crucial but are only here to serve the purpose of every company: its positive impact on the societal aspect (and now on the environmental aspect even more).
Our objective is to be of used, to bring sense and to contribute at our own measure to help transform our economic models in order to meet the challenges of our time.

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