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Collection prior due date

relance préventive

This recovery action made before the due date has many advantages due to its precocity in the invoice collection. This is the first necessary step to be paid by your client. It allows:

  • To obtain a promise of payment for the due date of the invoice by a given mean of payment. If payment is not made at the promised date you can remind your client's previously commitment and require immediate payment,
  • To check that your client has your correct bank details and address in case he will send a check or a promissory note,
  • To make sure that invoices are validated by the customer or identify any claim on your invoices. If it’s the case, you will have time to solve the problem (error on the invoice, failing hardware or bill not received ... etc) and finally being paid to the due date which would not been the case if you start invoices collection after their due date,
  • To educate your client on the seriousness of your collection management.
    When a company seeks to gain cash by delaying payments to its suppliers, it will systematically do it with the most permissive suppliers and continue to pay on time whose who carry out regular reminders.
  • My DSO Manager

    My DSO Manager, the online debt collection software

    My DSO Manager offers powerful features to make quality reminders at the right time.

    They are triggered depending on the recovery scenario of each customer and the situation of the account (overdue invoices ...).

    Recovery documents are dynamically generated through #Hashtag and are customizable for optimum efficiency. See the demo.

Collection prior due date

recovery prior due date 
Perform the first collection action 15 days before due date of your invoices by giving priority to telephone contact.
Get a bill of exchange or promissory note from your customer. It confirms the promise of payment of your client and allows to be paid automatically at the due date of invoices provided that the bank account of your client is sufficiently credited.
Get a letter of commitment to honor your invoice from your customer (see letter of payment confirmation). It confirms the commitment of your client to pay you and constitutes acknowledgment of debt in the event of default payment and further legal action.

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Tools download:

Collection letter prior due date template. Soft letter to be sent before the due date of invoices to ensure that the buyer is going to pay on time and that there is no dispute on the invoices.
All type of questions to use during collection calls to customers with for each question type the context in which it should be used and the expected result.

Examples of each type of question.
How to manage the collection call prior due date to the accounts payable department of the buyer?

Structure of a telephone conversation with formulations examples.
Collection letter prior due date template in french. Soft letter to be sent before the due date of invoices to ensure that the buyer is going to pay on time and that there is no dispute on the invoices.
Collection letter prior due date template in portuguese. Soft letter to be sent before the due date of invoices to ensure that the buyer is going to pay on time and that there is no dispute on the invoices.

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