Transformed by the ongoing digital revolution, cash collection practices are very different from those of even a few years ago. Digital technology increases efficiency of this essential aspect of the commercial relationship. It reveals its value and sometimes unsuspected virtues.

Find our tutorials concerning collection between professionals. They illustrate a profession in the midst of change, applying principles that have existed for a long time but whose digital implementation has profoundly changed its reality on a daily basis and its scope:

The collection between professionals takes place in a complex and constantly changing environment. The market, the situation of companies, the macro-economic aspects are constantly evolving. It is the same with commercial relations. So there is no magic formula. The combination of the power of digital and the capacity to human to identify and solve problems while weaving the essential links to the commercial relationship is certainly a winning approach.
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Date: 03-19-2024 - Author: Bertrand Mazuir
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